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07 Aug Marta Lodola //

(Italy) selected for the artistic residence 22cubic “ACTIONS AGAINST BORDERS #1 BREAKING POINT”, a project that merges urban space and performative practice as research on the actual meaning of our society’s borders. The process generates a slow and continous creation of an audio archive, collecting experiences, stories and social conditions on an...

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19 Dec Puppet workshop with Juliana Notari //

El cuerpo es materia, el cuerpo es drama, la materia es drama. Las relaciones son infinitas. Así comienza este taller que también podemos llamar de proceso investigativo y creativo. Juliana Notari con mucha sensibilidad ha observado cuáles son los puntos de encuentro, o mejor, los puntos de la ...

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15 Apr Domestic lab with Joana Moher //

Domestic lab with Joana Moher (Portugal) artivist resident of 22cubic SPACE / OBJECT / BODY in the modality of BODY in MATERIC.ORG We invite you to this domestic laboratory of sonoplastic participation by migrant artivist Joana Moher, where the attendees will be able to experiment, feel and be participants of the developing process of this spatial intervention. 18 April 2018 18:30H – 21:00H free Joana...

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