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22 Apr Joana Moher //

Open call winner of 22cubic space / object / body in the modality of SPACE

Apparently SAUDADE and SONOPLASTICITY are two words that just exist in the Portuguese lexicon.

The fist concept exalts HOW I FEEL! And the second, understanding the sounds to be a kind of sonic clay, is the form found to try to mix the senses KINESTETICALLY and to learn something new about the AMBIGUITY AMONG THE DATA encoded in sound and language presented BY SEEING. IS SEEING, BELIEVING?

SENSORY DOMINATION enhances how the brain CONTROLS the DATA in function of the memories, DOMESTICATING the emotions and COLONISING THE EXPERIENCE of myself and the others with MEANINGS that proliferate through a static language. It becomes BLIND and loses the possibility of learning something NEW. The multisensory didactic experiences enhance the BLINDNESS OF ERROR that surrounds how we perceive the data in this context of continuous EALITY/VIRTUALITY. And it manifests the importance of CREATIVITY and MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES in solving common SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL problems.


Joana Moher 22cubic _ MATERIC.ORG _


While listening to a soundscape harvested somewhere in between zones in transition: at Portugal, São Pedro de Moel’s Cybernetic Habitats (A MATA BICHO field Recordings) OR at Hospitalet del Llobregat, Catalan’s Urban Cosmology (CHROMO-OXO.ME field Recording).Even though I know that in reality it is just 4 seconds of centrifugal wind in loop, or a water pump for example I perceive thru sound  that I can almost touch its oxide texture like a tectonic skin made of calcium bone boiling with vitamin C or a fabric in tension, and taste its atmosphere.

So there is a SENSORY DOMINANCE in my kinesthetic abstraction and subjectivity BEING TRANSMITTED IN HOW I FEEL! By mixing the senses my brain is trying to make sense of the AMBIGUITY BETWEEN DATA encoded in sound and light presented BY SEEING – and heightens UNCERTAINTY. IS SEEING BELIEVING?

In conclusion, I harvest specific sound landscapes and TEXTURES via ONE-TAKE LOW-FI FIELD-RECORDINGS plus ONE TAKE VIDEO FILES of cybernetic habitats and urban cosmologies, to learn KYNESTETICALY from the liminal live systems and from their migratory and cybernetic borders. The SONOPLASTIC objective via transdisciplinary experiments: VULNERABILITY and TRANSHUMANISM in non-human systems and the non-humanism in the MISOGYNIST HUMAN systems.

Presentation artistic residency


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