Lesley Yendell | Begoña Grande _EMPREMTA 2017 festival internacional de performance

02 May Lesley Yendell | Begoña Grande _EMPREMTA 2017 festival internacional de performance




An English sculptor based in Spain, she has worked on various projects in Europe.

The processes involved in her sculptural work have led her to explore her ideas in actions and performative works. “Her works suggest stories, ask questions while at the same time oscillating between their various realities – a melding of different disciplines to create some thing unique……”


(Performance, multimedia, poetry)
Self-taught and revolutionary artist.
1981 Guipúzcoa. Working and living in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

She searches for the freedom of the soul through performance and poetry.
She fights for the survival of art as a medicine.

Her work is a continuous mutation, a paralysis between time and space, a transparent reflection. Forced to have a degree in the university, she started studying Communication. Her concern for finding something beyond, for breaking the schemes established by society, led her to a detailed research on the action/ reaction of them, thus discovering the immense emptiness of the humanoid system. After several years where fear and loneliness were her best colleagues, she decided to begin working with the video performance format. One of her works, “Emptiness” was selected as the most representative video of bizarre art in the short film festival “Caostica V”, in Bilbao. Since then, she followed her way working with great national and international artists such as Marcel.lí Antúnez, Rocío Boliver, Cuco Suarez, and in places like Chicago, Houston, Londres, Portugal, Polonia, Euskadi. With a scholarship by the Center of Artistic Research Ladines, she ventured to experiment with performance in its purest state. Nowadays she investigates the modified states of consciousness, working in Alter Consciens, an association devoted to the research and social outreach of transdisciplinary activities in the border between performing arts, new technologies and the diverse states of consciousness.

I’d rather die in the creation, than to live dead.


EMPREMTA festival internacional de performance


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