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Muscle strength and repetition have the same niche: resistance. The proposal encompasses several connotations of the concept: resistance can be physical, as is the collaborative practice of all organs, bones, muscles and ligaments in the production of the voice. Likewise, during the development of the piece, it transforms us and transfers us – we transform and transfer ourselves – towards a sound experience of acoustic progression: another resistant practice that works with the element of repetition as a consequence of opposition to alienated work; contrary in all its angles to collaborative work. Then, a thermal characteristic of resistance appears when we generate heat with the movement of our bodies: here a kind of shanzhai of the dervish dance appears to resist from a center; and at the end (and from the beginning) thinking about the inevitable, a political resistance of the body and the sound: subversion without violence.
Thus, in these articulations of the word and the artistic sense of things attached to our bodies with sound extensions (voice and drums), we aim (without a bullet) towards a piece that allows us both the experience of rethinking our bodies as beholders of resistance through collaboration and repetition, such as opening ourselves up to the subjective capacity of sound that appears disjointed and rebellious in the face of a world that has entered a state of passivity.
Resistance practices # 1 is the union of the unconventional, fixed and rotating voice in the company of an indeterminate and conscious percussion.




Works on issues related to sound and the visible, she is a poet, interdisciplinary artist and an active participant in La Internacional Ruidísta. She has been invited to numerous exhibitions, personal and collective, festivals, talks, readings, publications, galleries and national and international museums in Latin American and European countries. She works mainly with supports such as voice, video, speakers and graphic work; formats such as installations, performances, video art and the use of new technologies. The action and collaborative work define a large part of the ideological reflection in her works. Her graphic poems have been published in one of the editions of the Die Horen Magazine in Germany and the Bi-lingue PO-EX Anthology. The last poetry and experimentation festivals where she has presented are: Barcelona Poetry, Poetry i mès, Vociferio Festival of Poetry of Valencia, La Muga Caula, Expandible Transdisciplinary Poetry of Mexico, Biennial of Experimental Poetry of Euskadi and Festival PM Chile, among others. She is also part of the retrospective 10 years: Sound Art in Chile.
Some places where she has been invited to present her work are: Picasso Museum, Joan Miró Foundation, Convent de Sant Agustí, CCCB, Arts Santa Mónica, L ´Estruch and Hangar in Barcelona. The VideoSur II exhibition at the University of MassArt in Boston, United States and the Galería Proyectista in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Chile at Galería Casa E, Sala Puntángeles, CNCA (National Council of Culture and Arts) of Valparaíso, Museo de la Solidaridad Arte Contemporáneo Salvador Allende, Perrera Arte and Sala Juan Egenau at the University of Chile and at the MNBA ( National Museum of Fine Arts). She has been in artistic residencies in the Balearic Islands and Sabadell, and with different pieces at the Tsonami International Sound Art Festival 2007, 2013 and 2015, Störung, Phonos Foundation, CurtCircuit Fest in Barcelona among others. She currently writes and investigates from her place of residence, Mataró.




Drummer and musical creator. He has participated in various musical collectives throughout his career. Among which stand out the Chilean bands Emociones Clandestinas, Santos Dumont, Matorral and La Big Rabia. He has collaborated with prominent musicians such as Fernando Milagros and Perrosky or the band Philipina Bitch. He was the creator of the self-managed and independent record label Discos Tue-Tue. He has participated in renowned festivals such as Primavera Sound and Panamericana Rock in Chile. Countries like Mexico and Spain have received his musical work.

in the context of the program ARTefACTe MÚSICA D’ACCIÓ(?) 2020 and in collaboration with CC Convent St. Agustí

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