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01 Dec Helen Ceballos //


¨I see myself.¨ -Gomez Peña

Transdisciplinary artist of performance that uses herself as subject and object of study to expand signs.
Born in the Caribbean of the 80s, between three islands: Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Antillean.
She is a worker of art and cultural management,
her role as manager is crossed by a vocation to community social service,
that like any attachment
it can embrace,
empower and soffocate her simultaneously.

From the creative perspective, in her performance pieces she works
the infralightness,
__ the trail,
____ the networks and their voices
________ the virtual self,
_________   the photo and file,
____________ the offspring,
_____________ the lineage,
______________  the autofiction,
_________________ the real me
___________________________________________ t h e m i g r a t i o n,
the removals,
the political,
the queer
_____________________________ –   the now.   –
the eschatological,
_ the virginal,
_____  the transmutation, the esoteric,
the repetition, and the dense slope that involves reviewing and repeating and rethinking and repeating- OURSELVES.
The liminal and the living, are some of the thematic axes of reflection that appear in her works.

As support in her languages, multidisciplinarity is present, she uses
the image, the word, the sound, the video,
the installation and the body
________________ always in the present location.
She created a project to move her work
and that of its interlocutors in different scenarios, spaces and places
of: Latin America, the United States and the Caribbean. Now Europe.
This artistic platform, hybrid and itinerant, she named it: Mezcolanza.

Let’s agree that I sit on this dynamited terrain of signs that can be my body-house
I compose in the altered symphony that can be the image
I intervene that sequence of moments that aspires to be the video
I alter that cacophonous noise that can be my voice.

I also say that every so often, I propose myself to be more and more: person.

Helen Ceballos No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea


The artistic investigation of Helen Ceballos’ work is oriented to Latin American migration and identity issues, the border as a liminal terrain, transit spaces, migratory laws and their sociological aspects.

On this occasion the Caribbean artist invites us to a multidisciplinary exhibition consisting of video, photoperformance and installation for a universe that evokes the transferences and transits that intuitively make some living beings, including humans.


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