Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer //

Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer

13 Jan Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer //

(Catalunya x Puerto Rico)

Performance artists that encountered; coming from worlds as diverse as Academia and the street, Latin America and Europe, the masculine and the feminine. Their individual practices converge, to understand art, as an act of transgression.

Their transgressive act is evidenced and manifested through the interweaving of their own psyches, bodies, sensorial experiences and eXtreme affectivities, thereby eliminating the dual concept of the Self. Through the mimetic, a path is traced towards the destruction of the ego, and the appearance of the anonymous being, disinherited from any individual or differential title. They understand mimesis, not as imitation, but as a path towards the deconstruction of the modern notion of the (neoliberal) individual.

Their artistic practice takes the corporeal mimesis to the eXtreme, in a specific space and in a given environment. They explore alternative sensitivities that challenge the historical chronologies imposed while supressing the male/ female dichotomy. Their pieces are framed by the need to establish a single connection and body rhythm of pure listening. They are not two bodies, they are not two artists; they are the body in a space, in a time and in a presence. Their point of union, as vanishing point, is a constant pulsation where the plural presence of the body, the border destruction and the decolonization of the mind-body is an act of rebellion and subversion.

Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer PULSIÓN LIMINAL

Duration: 03: 11 min

Site: MATERIC.ORG, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Catalunya)

Year: 2016

Trembling of the earth and heartbeat of the sea. Blazing and burning salt, salt of the destruction. A lime mask that consumes the faces. A fire liberated from the waters.
To bury ourselves in salt. To stop breathing in order to breath oneself in the other. A dialogue across agony and suffocation. To accompany each-other through small movements and sounds to continue embodying each-other. To endure.
To drown the “I” to be able to breathe a multiple body. The only time is the animal breathing that in-becomes from and for an alternative bodypresence…
The crudeness of the lived experience contrasted with the visual pleasure.

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