Lesley Yendell // EMPREMTA 2017 festival internacional de performance

02 May Lesley Yendell // EMPREMTA 2017 festival internacional de performance


An English sculptor based in Spain, she has worked on various projects in Europe.

The processes involved in her sculptural work have led her to explore her ideas in actions and performative works. “Her works suggest stories, ask questions while at the same time oscillating between their various realities – a melding of different disciplines to create some thing unique……”

Lesley Yendell BARRO


Barro is a game of changing states in which objects are transformed, modified and reshaped by the application of water. On a table a tea service is laid out and the cups filled with water. Beside the table on the floor a drawing is simultaneously created from clay dust. Small disasters occur and creation is pursued by imminent destruction and transformation. A play of opposites: wet /dry, construction /deconstruction and solid/dust accompany the alterations. The objects are carried by this transmutation and respond to a new state and find unexpected possible futures.

Elemental and profound the piece is as complex and simple as the opposites it contains.


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