online pedagogy | performance workshop Virtualismo Rebelde with Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer //

Alex Loro, Paco Justicia, Alberto Monreal, Beltza Santos, Carolina Torres Topaga, Murari, Nilo Arias, Ezequiel Díaz, Llum Canut. Taller de performance Virtualismo Rebelde _ MATERIC.ORG _

18 May online pedagogy | performance workshop Virtualismo Rebelde with Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer //

Performance art is an experiential, live and mutant act / art. In this encounter we have felt what is the subversive love and extreme care; to take care of ourselves, to be cared for and be caretakers. We created a body of affections, knowledge and new sensibilities in order to know and accept ourselves, subverting the imposed canons and thereby being rebellious bodies activated towards new horizons that are already visible.

The creative process emerged from this exploration of empowerment with our bodies, energies, and imaginations, calling upon alternative forms of connection and relationship. Through exploration proposals, we went deep into our Selves to relearn from our bodies-memories. We worked through exercises of eXtreme listening, identifying and reconstructing the memory of the body as a political-affective geography. In this way we inserted ourselves more experientially into this living practice.

Tools were given to develop performances using objects and working with the space (site-specific). Collective and individual performances were created, questioning this dichotomy. The camera was used as a performance entity exploring the formats of the live action, photo performance and video performance.

photo performance inspired in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s tarot of Marseilles

aesthetic-philosophical-performative-collective composition made from three words



Isil Sol Vil x Marina Barsy Janer

are visual and performance artists, curators, researchers and pedagogues. Directors of the space for artistic investigation and radical pedagogy MATERIC.ORG and curators of EMPREMTA international performance festival and Mar de Islas performance encounter of the Caribbean. They begin their joint work in 2015 following a philosophy of Subversive Love and eXtreme Care. They have presented work in Europe and the Americas in festivals, museums and galleries such as Viva! ArtAction (Montreal), Tempting Failure (London), Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (Barcelona), Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona), Casa Viva (Mexico City), Organ of Critical Arts-OKK (Berlin), FNAF (Prague) and FIAP (Martinique), among others. Their work is part of the archive of the Live Art Development Agency (London) and the collection of the Museu de l’Empordà (Figueres). They have held performance courses and workshops at the University of Puerto Rico, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico, Escola Massana Centre d’Art i Disseny, the University of Barcelona and MATERIC.ORG.

Their artistic practice takes the corporeal mimesis to the eXtreme, in a specific space and in a given environment. They explore alternative sensitivities that challenge the imposed historical chronologies while suppressing the male/ female dichotomy. Their pieces are framed by the need to establish a single connection and body rhythm of pure listening. They are not two bodies, they are not two artists; they are the body in a space, in a time and in a presence. Their point of union, as vanishing point, is a constant pulsation where the plural presence of the body, the border destruction and the decolonisation of the mind-body is an act of rebellion and subversion.

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