ONLINE PEDAGOGY | workshop REC (((virtual polyphony))) -globalvoice- with Pía Sommer //

17 May ONLINE PEDAGOGY | workshop REC (((virtual polyphony))) -globalvoice- with Pía Sommer //

a physiological, theoretical and practical invitation about the sound system, the language and the recording of our voices in polyphonic format ___ bring your voice to the virtual space, we learn, dialogue and do a RECglobal.

session topics

physiology and phylogenesis of the phonographic apparatus
characteristics of listening and the acoustic space
de-machining of language
virtual laboratory: polyphonic recording 

This was a space for the synchronization of voices and interests on the subject of the VOICE in its virtual format. We reviewed some physiology and phylogenesis, to then de-mechanize the language and make it an invisible but therefore audible virus, palpable in its interference … we recorded our voices in a single virtual polyphony of 4 minutes and 28 seconds. A laboratory open to learning the plasticity of the voice, to the audible, sound and visual possibilities.

Voices: Llum Canut // Alex Loro // Paco Justicia // Ezequiel Díaz // Mireia Zantop // Marta Nieto Postigo // Christine Brault // Maribel Bravo // Pía Sommer

Images of a fragment of the piece

below: Spectrum (phantasmagoria in gray) and Intensity (yellow line)

below: Spectrum, Intensity and Pitch (blue)

above: OSCILLOGRAM + Pulse
below: Spectrum

below: Spectrum + FORMANTS (pointillism in red)


Pía Sommer

Multi-artist and person. Representative of the crossed dynamic systems of Ilya Progogine. It is one of the active pieces of the International Ruidista and creator of the OrphicArtOffice.

Some of her published works in poetry are Frecuentemente Isla (2015), Aéreos (2017), Terrenales (2018), the poem El Frente de los Geranios (Ed.Imperdonables, 2018) and Korowai. Is part of the anthology of stories Uno más ocho (Reservoir Books, 2017). She holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Master in Sound Art and a Master in Production and Artistic Research. Currently she is writing her doctoral thesis on The Fixed Voice and Audible Graphics in Digital Media (La voz fijada y gráficas audibles en la digital media).

She has participated in national and international festivals, residences, individual and group exhibitions, galleries and museums in Latin America and Europe. For example, in the Picasso Museum, Convent de Sant Agustí, CCCB, Arts Santa Mónica, L’Estruch and Hangar in Barcelona. The VideoSur II exhibition at the MassArt University in Boston, United States and the Proyectista Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. MNBA (National Museum of Fine Arts in Chile). Some festivals such as Festival Internacional Arte Sonoro-Tsonami, Störung-Bcn, Fundación Phonos, Festival PM, Enclave y Expandible Poéticas Experimentales -Mexico City, Barcelona Poetry, among others. She is part of the 10 years retrospective: Sound Art in Chile.

She currently lives in Mataro where she writes and investigates.

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