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14 Oct Paloma Orts //


Performer, visual artist and teacher.

Listen to the earth, the nature, the person sitting next to me in the train, the child playing at the edge of the sea, the gestures of my mother and stir the soups with my grandmother’s spoon. To feel that for me is the gift of life, it is art itself, to which I only respond and I hope that it responds to me, in order to be together.

I dedicated myself to the practice of performance and the art of recording and archiving memories and actions of life. At the same time, I am an art teacher and I teach workshops in various types of communities outside of the cultural sphere, as a need to bring out all artistic subjectivities.

Paloma Orts VENUS

video performance
Paloma Orts VENUS 22cubic residencia artística _ MATERIC.ORG _Venus is shown as the call of the night, that tiny point in the universe that radiates heat into our bodies and connects with our centre. From the centre comes the energy capable of balancing the different hemispheres, as a point that opens to life and death, like the umbilical cord that connects us to birth. Trying to find the alchemy between my body and the matter, I explored the possibilities of ice on my body and how to place it on the centre, pointed out that vanishing point that radiates heat to the extremities. In each breath, in each pumping of blood both bodies became fused, the temperatures gradually moved away from the ends and the solid forms dissolved. The first drop, the line of the umbilical cord that connects with the female sex, symbol of union between mother and daughter. The last drop, the fusion of two bodies that are water.

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Paloma Orts Habitant camins


My mother told me how every week the bodies and feet of her grandmother and family walked on a mountain road to go from the factory to the town, from Alcoy to Benifato. At the factory or at home, they spread a cloth, putting four clothes rags, some food (onion and bread) and tied a knot in the middle. This sack was carried on their shoulders and for 8 hours they walked through the mountains.

This story, not randomly analogous to my life, led me to draw a parallelism with the situation I was experiencing at that time. Due to the temporary contracts that suppress the summer months and the inflation in the housing rent, I left my home to inhabit other homes, constantly traveling foreign roads.

Driven by this fatigue of inhabiting the road, my body (inside a sack of cloth with earth) rolled restlessly on the asphalt of Hospitalet de Llobregat; from the door of a home to the door of a factory. As a ritual of extreme cleansing and purification where the earth and the fabric heated my body like the flames of the home, but at the same time the rough and desolate asphalt gave my body at random.

Camera by Felipe Rojas _ Photo by Marco Pachiega

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