Puppet creation workshop with Juliana Notari //

13 Oct Puppet creation workshop with Juliana Notari //

Intensive puppet creation workshop from the bodily, visceral and subjective connection with a chosen material for the composition of texture, drama and gestures.

For Juliana Notari, the choice of materials that make up the construction of the puppet defines the movement and existence of the animated object. Artists and educators will learn an unprecedented and personal way to build puppets, as well as a tool for artistic creation and transformative education.

Thought is spiral. Within every creative process we often go through the same points, each time with a different look and perspective. The different stages of the process are mixed and separated. It is the tireless action of dying and living, of observing and feeling what is part and all. The puppets of Juliana Notari are made with selfmatters, that is, experiential elements, such as clothes, leaves, plants, lands, threads, fibers or blood.




She is a Brazilian artist and puppeteer. She has a fascination for the eyes and hands of people. She can look for hours and hours at the path that ants make on the walls of her house. She dedicates and dives deeply into the art of the puppet and its infinite possibilities of fusion and construction. From the option of the material’s choice, to the composition of the gestures to the minimum details, she goes through all the stages of the creation of a work.

She works for the diffusion of the contemporary puppet and has already moved around a little piece of the world to present her shows. In 2018 she completed 18 years as a puppeteer, toured Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Latvia, France, Korea, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bolivia, Italy, Switzerland, among others. She is currently the manager of the Cultural Condominium in São Paulo, where she has a collective research workshop for the contemporary puppet, El Taller de la marionete libre, next to the Argentine puppeteer Matias Arce.

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