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Graphic and sonic zine from 42 creations that are part of a self-decentralized DIT/DIWO/DIY experiment created by GLANDULAS SYNTAX /// Fome Bruta and Pr3za. Dark Ecology, Transpecies relationality and Hybridity. From animal, to bacteria, to geology, to plants and water alliances, Flesh and cannibalism...

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until 1//06//2021, Glandulas Syntax, pulsing with MATERIC.ORG evoque your emergency metabolisms  to create a graphic and sonic experiment for Saliva Sonographic Zine #2. GRAPHIC: any visual experiment translated into .JPG, SOUND: Any sound experiment translated into .WAV...

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Taller de marioneta con Juliana Notari _ MATERIC.ORG _

19 Dec Puppet workshop with Juliana Notari //

The body is matter, the body is drama, matter is drama. The relationships are endless. Thus begins this workshop that we can also call the research and creative process. Juliana Notari has very sensitively observed what the meeting points are, or better, the points of the intersection that make a puppet exist....

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09 Nov To Collectivise Performance Pedagogies //

Encuentro de artistas, personas, seres, gentes, … envueltxs en el mundo de la performance o arte de acción. Este encuentro, formado por un grupo de 6 propuestas y 7 cuerpxs, se trama a partir y con la idea de compartir pedagogías de manera directa. Una vez a la semana durante seis semanas cada cuerpx comparte, mediante un taller...

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30 Sep ESTAR JUNTxS //

Open session in the public space, result of the Workshop – Laboratory for older adults ESTAR JUNTOS carried out by the artist Víctor Prados Pinto participants Iván Guau, Antonia Iglesias Regueiro and Sílvia Resorte. This is a space for meeting and creation, where we explore old age as a complex phenomenon, that is, a cane is not enough to define...

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