Workshop of basic notions of urban agriculture with Alejandro Chellet //

taller de Alejandro Chellet en Can Trinxet Viu _ MATERIC.ORG _

09 Apr Workshop of basic notions of urban agriculture with Alejandro Chellet //

Workshop of basic notions of urban agriculture with a practice of organic waste management and composting with Alejandro Chellet.

Disseminate gardening, cultivation and design practices in urban Permaculture. Looking for low ecological impact with the use of recycled elements and low cost, that allow the assistant to know the different ways to build and manage an urban garden.

Elaboration of a fast compost (dry, organic, green, earth and water) and to make a suitable “cover up” for the plants. This theoretical and practical workshop was developed in and for the activists of Can Trinxet Viu and their community garden project in the neighborhood of Santa Eulàlia, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.





Artist. Interested in environmental and social problems. In recent years he lived and worked in several countries in Europe and South America visiting sustainable projects and farms, alternative communities, squatters, ecologists, activists, permacultores, bio constructors, organic farmers, urban farmers and other artists. He has a Permaculture Urban Design Certificate from the British Permaculture Association. A diploma in Bio Architecture from the University of Puebla, Mexico. He has taken workshops from organisations such as Transition Network in Totnes, United Kingdom as well as has been taught under the teaching of organic agriculture with Jairo Restrepo and the Más Humus soil regeneration group in Mexico.

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