OPEN CALL artistic residencies 22cubic SPACE/OBJECT/BODY

17 Feb OPEN CALL artistic residencies 22cubic SPACE/OBJECT/BODY

22CUBIC is the space within MATERIC.ORG destined to the development of artistic proposals, in the format of residencies. The project of MATERIC.ORG is developed by three concepts: BODY / OBJECT / SPACE. This open call for artistic residencies continues this conceptual triad. Three residencies are offered to develop a proposal that has resonance with SPACE, OBJECT or BODY. Within each concept, each artist will create an individual work that is related and intertwined to the others. The first residency will work with the concept of SPACE. Afterwards, within this created spatiality, the next residency will produce the OBJECT. The third residency will conclude with the research of the BODY, in the space and with the object/s resultant of the previous investigations. The proposals developed during the residency will have a union with each other to result in a joint (common) work developed from three worlds – three artists – three creations. This open call conceives the interrelation as a vital creative motor and promotes the legacy of proposals (sensitivities) through the research processes.


This open call is for artists, creators and initiatives without limit of age, nationality or residence that consider that their work can be inserted in one of the following categories: SPACE / OBJECT / BODY. Participation is open to individual artists or collectives. For each category or concept we suggest the following (anti-or inter-) disciplines, without being limited to these:

SPACE: installation, scenography (set design), bio-construction, cinema, screenings, video art, music,, sound art, ambience, light art, olfactory art, architecture.

OBJECT: painting, sculpture, photography, design, fashion, crafts, illustration, jewellery.

BODY: performance art, dance, theatre, gastronomy.

-Reception of all proposals: until March 16, 2018
-Final communication of selected participants: March 26, 2018
-SPACE Residency: April 9-22, 2018
-OBJECT Residency: April 25-May 8, 2018
-BODY Residency: May 10-23, 2018
-Exhibition: May 26, 2018

We offer
* Workspace: A space of approximately 200 meters is provided. It has a projector, wifi, basic lighting equipment, tables, and a workshop space with basic tools (saws, screwdrivers, sanders, drills, etc.)
* Follow-up of the creation process
* Help and guidance in pre-production: contact with suppliers, search for materials, etc.
* Living space: In case of international artists or artists outside the province of Barcelona, ​​if necessary, a room for one person and kitchen space is offered for your stay during the 2 weeks of the residency. We do not have space to host groups.
* Open exhibition of the works in MATERIC.ORG

To participate
Send a pdf to the email (subject: 22cubic) with the following information:
– Specify the concept you will be working with (SPACE, OBJECT or BODY)
– Statement, biography and artistic development (CV)
– Webpage and / or links to previous works
– From 5 to 10 images of the most significant works.
– In the case of SPACE and BODY, send video links where we can see your work in action.

The team of 22CUBIC SPACE/OBJECT/BODY is formed by Montserrat AA _ Marina Barsy Janer _ Isil Sol Vil




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